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Fortunately.. I grew up with a respect for Education and Learning!!

Childhood conversations with my Mother taught me there's SO much to be gained via examination of Life.

Therefore, through Life's "Mistakes" & "Victories", I've examined... studied... researched.....

And, wow!!  I still have a LOT to learn!!


....Thank God, because that means I'm still ALIVE!!!

The more you learn, the more you realize YOU DON'T KNOW!!












I'm honored to stand in The Light ~ Steadfast for Others' Success and Respect. 

.... Thus my work:



Relationship Coach & Consultant







Ordained Spiritual Minister

And Wedding Officiant







Psychology Professor








SuperHero Protagonist





My Clients, Students and Associates experience

Unconditional Positive Regard

and Immediate

Empowering  Insight and Inspiration

Between college degrees, I worked in business and with NGO's, acted and modeled in Hollywood, was Kellogg's “Tony The Tiger", a College Instructor and Integration Counselor, Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, and founder of a non-profit organization - The San Diego Cardinals.


Over the past decade, I’ve been a Psychotherapist in various therapeutic settings, and a Psychology Professor for Chapman/Brandman University, and for the Los Rios Community College District.


I write a monthly published column (“ViewPoint Inspired” on Pg. 17), and you may know I'm the Founder of The League of Heroes Inspired, introducing traumatized children to their Hero Within!


My Formal Education..


MS, Psychology [MFCC] ~ The University of Phoenix

Graduate, Curriculum in Living ~ Landmark Education

Spiritual Ministry ~ The Center for Spiritual Living

BA, Communication Studies and Business Administration ~ California State University Sacramento


Informal Educators...


My Mother... My Father... My Brother... My Son


Joseph Campbell

Stephen W. Hawking

James Michener

Fritjof Capra


Many A Mistake

And some Dogs, Cats & Horses...

Where to find me
Send me a note....

text/call: 916/ 247.1655


USPS: P.O Box 601871 Sacramento, CA 95860



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